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2 novembre 2008 7 02 /11 /novembre /2008 16:32
Police in Thailand

Police in Thailand

In the tourist areas of Thailand the specially trained “tourist police” are still operation together with the normal police. The officials all speak English, often in addition to further foreign languages.

Thailand police http://www.royalthaipolice.go.th (English)

The Thai police are usually friendly, helpful and polite to foreigners.

Nevertheless, if you do happen to be a victim of police arbitrariness, you are not alone in Thailand without assistance. The following specified organisations support you, where entitled, with the disciplinary procedure against a policeman:

The Law Society of Thailand
Near to the monument of the democracy in Bangkok
7/89 Mansion 10, Rajdamnoenklang Avenue
Bovonnivet Sub-District, Phranakorn District
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
TEL : (0066) 2629-1430, FAX : (0066) 2282-9907-8
Email: info@lawsociety.or.th

The Ombudsman of Thailand
1193 Exim Bank Building 20th Floor
Phaholythin Rd. Samsen-nai Phayathai Bangkok 10400
Tel. 022990400  FAX: 02299485
Homepage: http://www.ombudsman.go.th (thai/engl.)

The fact that such organizations exist in Thailand which allow you to demonstrate against grievances, should be rated as a safe indication of democracy and progress. Most countries on this planet are unfortunately still very far from this point.

Additionally the police authority has also set up its own

complaints office
Post Box 191, Rong Muang, Pathum Wan
10330 Bangkok metrpolilice@police.go.th

Before you take such a step you should consider the following:

  • Is it possible that your own failure or ignoring of the Thai customs caused the escalation?
  • Would such an incident have been inconceivable in your homeland?
  • How would you have reacted there?
  • Is it possible that the official just have had a bad day?
  • Was it really so bad?

This is surely no special current problem only in Thailand. You will find rough, impolite and impossible policemen throughout the world.

Behaviour rules with police accusations
Always keep quiet and do not show any bad temper. A bad temper can be quickly seen to be a sign of guilt.

Do not pay any threatened punishments too quickly.

In the case that circumstances cannot be cleared up immediately, you should seek legal advice as soon possible. You should inform policeman in a very polite way that you would like expert legal advice to clear up the matter. You should completely avoid making the request for a lawyer to be a personal attack.

If you have had a traffic accident, you should consult a representative of your insurance company. It is in the insurer’s own interest to endeavour to keep the damage as small as possible. The fact that you have covered the costs of any damages might help avoid arrest. This is obviously dependent upon the condition that you have a sufficient comprehensive motor vehicle liability insurance policy. The standard “third party, fire and theft” motor vehicle liability insurance will be hardly sufficient in case of losses. Taking evidence photos can be very helpful. A disposable camera kept in the glove compartment is sufficient for such incidents. Remember that accident vehicles may only be vacated from the scene with agreement of the police.

Motor vehicle insurance [more]

With the motto "I will show you" you will always have a disadvantage in relation to the police in Thailand.

Do not under any circumstances sign papers, which cannot read you.

Demand that they give you copies of the originals. When consulting a lawyer, this should be his task anyway.

Carry identity papers (reference of the Foreign Office of the BRD): It should be pointed out that travellers must always carry their identification documents with them… Persons, who are stopped and cannot prove who they are can be taken into custody... A copy of your passport is also sufficient, however you must also copy the page with the Thai visa and/or entry stamp. As a rule with raids in discotheques, bars or massage salons also urine samples are taken, in order to test the income of bad drugs. This is permissible after Thai right.

Police in Thailand

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